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Just a word of advice, sleep sacks are for sleeping. If you find yourself being trussed up in one after an evening of fun and exciting bondage positions, or even if your buddies are forcing you into one early in the afternoon, don’t expect to get out right away. The point of these things is to control you for awhile so everyone else can get much needed rest so the play can continue later and nobody is crabby or too tired. If you gab too much, don’t be surprised if they gag and hood you as well. Forced naps don’t work if you spend the entire time talking or saying things like “Hey I’m bored” or “Let me cum”

If you are lucky enough to be placed in one and forced to cum right away, be happy (you got off, right?) but don’t be expecting to get out immediately. Getting off is like a natural sedative. You should just relax, slow your breathing, and drift away to sleep until they are ready to use you again.

I actually prefer being teased and edged until I’m exhausted, and am no longer hard. After all that struggling and writhing in the inescapable confines of the sack, I’m too tired to do anything but lay there in a restless, frustrated, state. I then doze in and out of sleep, waking up hard and dripping, and unable to do anything about it.

I don’t get nearly the rest I need, but my captor will have had his proper rest, so he can start on me all over again. Get me all worked up, edge me all over again, until I’m so exhausted I don’t care that he is strapping a chastity belt on me, and too weak to resist as he transfers me out of the sack and into my morning straitjacket.

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The FuckSuit2000…once he puts it on, he’ll always be a ready, willing and able Top for you or your friends.   Just don’t be dependent on his income…because he won’t be any good for most normal paying jobs any longer.

Just 3 easy payments of $999 each.

*make sure to read the full instruction manual so as not to experience any unfortunate side effects.




Do me please…

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