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Listen up…I know that pecker gag is held pretty snug in your mouth by that hood, so you won’t be able to say much back to me…just nod yes or no…oh yeah…you can’t really move your head with that stiff posture collar strapped on can you?  Well just give me a signal…but your hands and arms are pretty much useless in that straitjacket…so…no response huh?  Oh yeah, I forgot.  The earplugs under the padded hood…you can’t hear a damn thing I’m saying can you?

Well that’s okay, your cock is telling me everything I need to know.

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I know I don’t need any more rubber, but this special order full enclosure suit from STR is pretty special.

This is amazing! I have a similar full enclosure suit from STR with only perforated eye holes, but I love the blank look on this and the fingerless mitts. Like PupLoki, I have plenty of rubber, but I could certainly make room for one of these :)

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